Can you see the owl completely camouflaged on this pic?

Can you spot the owl perfectly camouflaged in this pic?

IF there’s a pecking order in terms of camouflage, this hidden owl exhibits he’s no bird-brain.

The cheeky chap was caught mixing completely right into a tree in India – by a shocked snapper on the seek for a leopard.

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Owl’s about this for excellent camouflage?[/caption]

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Nearer birds-eye view, in India[/caption]

Varun Jain, 30, a hobbyist photographer from Chennai in southern India, was on safari in Pench Nationwide Park in central India.

He mentioned: “It took us virtually ten minutes to obviously perceive that we’re taking a look at an owl.

“It had utterly blended in with nature, as if it was a part of that tree bark.”

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The owl’s camouflage blends it completely into the tree trunk[/caption]

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India has over 30 owl species[/caption]

The photographer was with a gaggle of mates, and all have been keenly peering on the tree branches – in useless, to identify an enormous cat.

They ultimately realised that hiding among the many foliage was an owl completely matching the tree’s mottled bark.

Jain mentioned: “We might have utterly missed the owl, if not for very small motion by the owl, catching my consideration.

“Nevertheless it was very troublesome to tell apart the owl from your entire body; it was much more troublesome to indicate the owl to others.”

Based on Sanctuary Asia, there are 33 species of owls present in each type of habitat in India.

The birds of prey feed on bugs, fish and small birds, reptiles and mammals.

Some, just like the one pictured right here, dwell in a tree hole, whereas others transfer into empty barns, deserted buildings or rocky environment.

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Good egg: the peerlessly hidden owl is revealed[/caption]

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The owl was completely hidden within the tree[/caption]